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YOU ARE AT THE DOORWAY of the Mandala of the Buddha.

ENTER it at dawn, with the sun in the East.
As it travels westward over the day, circumambulating the Buddha at the centre, the sun illuminates, warms and matures the whole realm of developmental Dharma practice. By nightfall, you are entering the deeper realms of insight transformation; by midnight, you are at the threshold of Awakening.

Integration is your mind and life uniting through applying the teaching.
2) Positive Emotion or Skilful Intention is the maturing of understanding that comes through reflection, along with kindness emerging from deepening empathy with others.
3) Spiritual death or disintegration occurs when that understanding and empathy unites in a realisation beyond self clinging. The view of fixed self existence collapses especially through vipashyana practice such as Contemplation of Conditionality or meditation on the elements.
4) Spiritual rebirth is the radical re-integration that arises next as the fruit of the insight, opening you to the enlightening influences of the Buddhas. It is associated with sadhana or visionary imagination of the Buddha, traditionally known as Buddhanusmrti - 'mindfulness of the Buddha'.
5) Mindfulness has the continual role of ensuring you don't lose grounding in tangible, felt experience. Induced through many kinds of practice, mindfulness is especially associated with Just Sitting.

The essence?
Stop doing so many things! Enter into your actual experience, here and now. Open the Dharma Door.
See here for more detail.