775eb1b7-7f5a-4951-ba6f-ca30a3fa8b32Visionary Dharma
In this section of Dharma Door I want to explore ritual, symbol and myth. To start off here is a ritual to connect with the spirits of the land. The idea is to connect more intimately and straightforwardly with the local environment where you are doing a retreat, where there will be many life forms you will be interacting with and particular energies and atmospheres that have become associated with different parts of the site.

Six Elements Puja

Salutation and Offerings

O spirits of this place
O timeless ones
Goddesses and gods
Elemental beings of earth,
Water deities,
Nagas and dragons
Goddess of the woods,
Goddess of the streams and rocks
Deities of moving air,
Fiery beings,
Kings and Queens of space
Sky dancers
Warmly we greet you
Please accept what we bring
Please enjoy what we bring

[Flourish - drums, rattles, bells, all instruments]

In the great space
See the Stupa
With elemental forms
Of Earth and Water,
Fire and Wind
Hidden within
The Silently Awakened one
Guru of the world

Sakyamuni Mantra
Om Muni Muni Maha Muni Sakya Muni Svaha

Refuges and Precepts


The Elements are out of balance
I lose my ground
I am cold
- With anger
I am hot
- With frustration
I am dry
- With no love
I cannot weep
Oh great Guru
I am scattered
- By winds of concern;
I am flooded
- By waves of craving.
As between a rock and a precipice
I am trapped by pride
I fear I will fall
Into overwhelming space.

In this green place
I open
I open my heart
I find peace
I let go
My view dissolves
I put down the burden.

Rejoicing in the Elements

I have been born
In beauty
I dance for joy

[Drum beat, dance for a while over next verses which it may be possible to repeat.
Suggest rhythm 'Not Fade Away']

Earth strengthens
Water refreshes
Fire brightens
Wind blesses
Space opens
Awareness knows.

Requesting the Teaching

On rainbow clouds
That fill space
O Buddhas beyond time
I pray to you.

Show the timeless truth
Things as they are,
Love like the Earth,
Compassion like Rain
Insight like Lightning,
Seeing like Snowflakes,
Kindness like Sunshine.

Free the Elements within
Free the Elements without

The elements are not me or mine,
Inside or outside,
They are not to be owned.
The bones are not mine.
They are not to be owned.
The saliva is not mine.
It is not to be owned.
The warmth is not mine.
It is not to be owned.
The place is not mine.
It is not to be owned.
The mind is not mine.
It is not to be owned.



Dedication of Goodness

As Earth Water, and Fire
Wind, Space and Awareness,
Contribute in countless ways
To beings throughout endless space
Like the Earth
May my efforts support them
For as long as time lasts.
Like Water
May the truth of my practice nourish them.
Like Fire
Set alight their passion for the Dharma
Like Wind
Stir up the energies of Awakening
Until all of us has discovered
The Buddha within the heart.

Sakyamuni Mantra